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$1,199 per singer

1st deposit $300 due October 1, 2024

Early Bird deposits were made by July 1, 2024—thank you!

2nd deposit $350 due December 1, 2024

3rd and final deposit $549 due April 15, 2025

Register and Pay

Singers participating in the MidAmerica Productions (MAP) Carnegie residency (New York rehearsals, performance, dinner cruise) register and make payments to MAP via the online portal, GroupCollect.

You may be prompted to use a trip code, "hoffmann25."

Non-refundable Deposits

All deposits to MAP are non-refundable. Should a singer withdraw from the residency, MAP will allow a substitute singer to take their place. Viva la Musica will try to facilitate arrangements for substitutions between the person withdrawing and the new registrant.

Cancellation Insurance

MAP strongly recommends registrants consider purchasing cancellation insurance. You may use any insurance company offering travel insurance. MAP suggests (call 1-800-228-9792). Use Location Code 32-6180 when requesting a Travelex insurance quote. Another trip insurance option suggested by MAP is  RoamRight.

Singers book their own travel & hotel 

Please wait to book travel and hotel until MAP confirms the concert, mid-end October 2024. At that time, MAP will tell us the name of the hotel at which the massed choir rehearsals will take place.  Some might find it convenient to stay at  the same hotel as that at which the rehearsals will be held.

Book accommodations for Thursday June 19—Monday, June 23, to cover the residency activities. Of course, there is much to see and do in NYC and you are welcome to come earlier and stay later.

Groupies Welcome

Friends and family of singers—our cherished groupies—are most welcome in New York, and we look forward to performing for you at Carnegie. Groupies, like singers, make their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Groupies purchase their own tickets for the Carnegie concert, and are invited to purchase tickets for the post concert cruise celebration.  There are no other charges for groupies, either to MAP or to Viva.

Viva la Musica season preparation

Singers are asked to pay $200 season registration to help offset some of the costs that Viva la Musica incurs  for preparation for Carnegie: rehearsals—conductor, pianist, venue, Zoom access and recordings—educational and information online portal, and Bay Area dress rehearsals and a performance—orchestra, soloists, venue, playbill, advertising, and administration. If singers are participating only in some of the season's activities, we can arrange for their registration fees to be prorated. Registration fees can be made by check or cash at the first rehearsal or they can be mailed to Viva la Musica. Amounts above $200 will be recognized as donations to Viva

Donations to Viva are most appreciated

Viva la Musica is a 501(c)3 non-profit public benefit entity.

California Corporation #C2984278. Tax ID # 26-0338125.

Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.


Let Shulamit Know!

If you are planning to to register for the Carnegie residency and for the Viva preparation, please let Shulamit know.


Phone: 650-346-5084 (PST)

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